Mystic is not Magic

The tool set used by lucid minds to build
a bridge between baloney we believe,
and waters of the Truth, is for those skilled
in self control. Managing to achieve

a vestige of a conscious acumen,
confirms that, co-existent and ongoing
with life on earth, dimensions beyond ken
contain omniscient energies outflowing.

Trifling, does not describe what will be lost
when we fail to eclipse the crap we came
to shed. Dreadful, does not describe the cost
of failing to learn the real rules of Life's game.

Hornswaggled, is what we are, when stuck
in false Persona's puppetry. We're played,
through weakness, stupid habits and bad luck.
As most of us die in our sins, betrayed

by self-love, appetites, greeds and fear,
it's dire, set on fire, that we learn new ways
to elevate, and shift gears. Crystal clear,
does not describe the rank and smoggy haze

that taints and blurs, what might have been the gaze
of a savant extrordinaire in arts
of Soul discovery, and sunshine rays
of inner light. Neglectors. kill their hearts

in this life, and book a cruise to harder times
in the next. Nothing short of holy war
against the sleep machine and coma crimes,
recovers what lovers of light adore.