So very many human lives are led,
pre-filtered by "what does this mean to me".
Self-centered people are the walking dead,
unfit to understand eternity.
All souls come here to break out of the shell
of sticky lies, which binds their cloaks of sleep.
No proper quest to break the coma's spell,
insures that men remain a herd of sheep.

Without a concept of a higher plane,
where individuals create their own
safe passage from this karmic world of pain,
no staid belief can spawn a stepping stone.
The universe, as proof, looms all around.
Just see the stars that sparkle in the sky.
Each one's a sun whose story will astound
those soul's set free from self-obsession's sty.

That one you know as 'me', with all it's fears
and appetites, must be made mute. Without
this purging process which can drag for years,
no 'blooming' of 'true self', can come about.
A path that's infinite, all men can gain
by shattering their self-delusive sleep.
That old Good Book's words couldn't be more plain,
' the seeds you sow determine what you reap.'