Below is a List of services I can provide
If you just want to try this out, I can email you pre-tweaked ghost files
at a cost of $3 for 3 (min. order) $.75 each thereafter. (or $20 for all )

If you want to email me image files and want me to make adjustments to create a ghost file,
then email it back, the cost is $4 each or 3 for $10, then $3 ea thereafter.

If you want me to tweak your photo files into ghosts, and you want me to print them on 32lb bond
(most papers are 18-20lb) and return by snail mail, the cost is $5.

Snail postage is $2 per 5 prints (the paper is heavy)
If you have old photos you want digitized, I don't have a scanner, but we could talk.

My email is