Mush or Mead

The wider that one's self awareness spans, the greater is one's power
to receive. A narrow view, must cherrypick low boughs it sees,
and rarely can behold the tree. The view the grove perched on a tower,
expands extents to overlook the orchard from it's trees.

Camoflauge is natures way to cloak both prey and predator.
One's conscious clever eyes can penetrate, but sabotage
by Ego's thugs carve cataracts, that we complicitly ignor.
On Earth, the laws of physics are absolute. No mirage

or wished for magic wand, intervenes with light or gravity.
All things transpire in the only way they can. Some seem
to think that mountains move, or men can walk across the sea.
The contents of their lives occur within a pointless dream.

It's easy to discount we have a role in the grand scheme
of life's dynamic permutations across the astral plane.
This world is full of lazy spirits, most of whom esteem
a popular, but toxic attitude that one can gain

advantage any way that one sees fit. Though almost true,
it's still fatal. "what profits men to gain the world, but lose
their souls?", is asked in Scripture. Truth is Holy, Good is too,
and Beauty is the proof for Grace, which helps the good ones choose.