< Summer Puddle

Summer Puddle

Television showed the dregs of what
was once a blue-glazed lake, shimmering light
The sloppy bottom flopped with fish and glut
of green, soon doomed to die under the bite

of bugs and birds. The blight of springtime rain
egged on the sun to shine its daylights out.
These grim entropic changes drove my brain
to harken back to dreaded days of doubt

and stress. Before I changed my stupid ways.
assumptions and beliefs left free to skate
unvetted, foxed and fixed me in a daze.
To find my Graille, my mind could not relate.

Enlightenment is not pulled from a box,
nor wisdom granted free. Each must be earned.
One shot to get it right is worth Fort Knox,
and so much more. But sadly, few have learned

a fool it is, who doesn't know for sure,
that we're connected in some way, with things
far beyond our grade of pay. The pure
angelic core of Self, keeps safe our wings

until its clear we'll labor long and strong
to clear the drivel from both heart and head.
Its dire that we see the math is wrong
and lies we're taught, we bought, and took to bed.

In infinite complexity, this state
of being, this world and this universe
plus, time and light; all inter-penetrate,
In language beyond mind, all sides converse.