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So you intend 'the Vertical' to be
your chosen way. Clear consciousness must fill
your mental nooks and heartland. Then you'll see
that Conscious You alone, must learn the skill
of speaking truth. By tweaking Ego's twist
and twang, new leg-room will be found to stretch
and shape your Soul's cathedral spire. Assist
your comeback from too long a robot wretch;
challenge yourself to rise and 'be here now'.
Use your attention tool to clear the stage,
and see your self, keen ready at the plow.
To trade your precious time for a weak wage,
(not nuts, all shells), should not demand a sage
to say " unhook that deadweight garbage skow
that plows your wake." Infinity to gain,
and you're unwilling to slow down your train
and jettison its underjunk? It clicks
that maybe someone's hiding, who fell for tricks
his ego played which promised a sweet fit,
then fed him with bright carrots made of shit.