Morpher's Unite!

As metaphysics and the 'mystical'
offer elevations above the rocks
and brambles of the stiff theistical,
And pillows for the school of brutal knocks
stay rare, it's time for those imbued with sound
and constant mind, to scratch out holy ground.

If one accepts there's more to life than myth
and ritual, one needs to know for sure
just what that 'more' might be. A person with
a well taught soul, can dodge the drama's strife
and weed the garden's chaos, makng pure
the sod from which one's spirit draws its life.

A place exists between prosal 'everyday',
and mystic planes of being, that wait the soul,
but not until a mental passageway
is permanently hewn by one's own hand.
It may take years to fully gain this goal,
but, without it, you'll never Understand.