Low Down Ways
are mechanical, and operate almost independently of who we think we are. In an area of self best called 'unrecovered', they are habits, behaviors, attitudes and belief systems that interfere with accessing guides and paths to higher modes of being and clearer consciousness. The premise is, that man is asleep and lives his life mostly unaware that his spirit is eternal and divine. He lives in the lowest parts of himself, concerned with appearances, profits and properties, rarely performing actions that benefit anyone but himself. Further, better worlds await those who make efforts in this life to shed certain unproductive aspects of themselves and acquire and improve virtues that transfigure their soul and being.

Though Heaven as postured by tradional linear Christians is unlikely, an otherworldly and all round better strata of higher, fuller and more meaningful aspects may be real. Paradise is more a function than a place. That function incorporates time spent, while yet on this earth, significantly more adept and relevant cognitional experience. Likewise, perdition, or Hell, is largely self made. Karma is a principle by which one comes to make better choices, resulting in new insights, though often chaperoned by and with pain. Attachments distract forward progress and ultimately suffocate any quest toward clarity. Asleep, people love things and use people. Casting out the drama, biases, and slavish slobber that we lavish on posessions, results in a farther reaching focus on the world around us. Its remarkable that a few shifts in acrivities of self and soul opens up new vistas on paths to uplands never dreampt of. The work associated here, can be summed by the following: " work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. " This is a quote from the Bible. ( Phillippians 12 ). Part of doing this requires one be open to real wisdom, wherever it may be found. Though we are not unreligious, we don't cling to a notion of a 'one god' overseeing the trials of men. We tend to be comfortable with the idea of God as " Good Orderly Direction. " Absolutely no one has fixed and certain knowledge of things infinite and eternal, let alone what beings may or not inhabit there. One's final breath may bring light to these matters, but not one of Earth's living 'holy men' can claim any more than what he or she believes.

Catagorically, no belief system is fit to enter men's minds, that doesn't include requisite behavior norms in this world and some outline, however vague, for what may come after life is done. Our best thoughts on this, include ever better adherence to, and understanding of, the 'Virtues', on this plane of existence, which results in shaping self to be optimally prepared for what is set to occur when we pass. (By definition, the Vices are fervently disallowed.) In colloquial terms, " No one wants to enter the afterlife with a history of 'victim making' on their tail. Enter Karma, one of the everpresent principles of existence, that acts on the lives of men. " What comes around, goes around, " the Golden Rule, " do unto others as you would have them do unto you ," " walk a minle in another man's shoes " are significant aspects of Karma. Failings and misdeeds are debts, in spirit, which must and will be rectified. It's mostly pain, which gets our attention and motivates us to change direction and behavior. Clearly, these ideas are not for everyone. Our hope is that these usable 'guides to progress' will reach those among us ready to put effort and even, struggle into the liberation and enlightenment of self and soul.

Poetry is much like a parable in that it's idea set, and essence remains intact no matter how much speculation one engages in. Poetry is transformative. Poetry is axiomatic. It can be a mantra to help one find center in an unruly universe. One may gain solace and inspiration from the words found here. It's all about awakening to identity and resources already present. These many sonnets attempt to lay bare the ways by which one may find in himself, doorways to higher mind and more meaningful levels of being.