Miss Pitt

Miss Pitt was an enigma in her neighborhood of Kent.
Though never wed, many people whispered that she had a past
that would curl your hair. Some said she was a spy who went
deep cover in post-war Berlin, and she had to leave fast.

Others thought she'd been an acrobat of the trapeze
and high wire. They said there was no stunt she wouldn't try.
She must have had a deathwish when she climbed Mt. Hood, with skis,
then skied down slopes so steep, you'd think she thought she couldn't die.

Not much else is known because she didn't talk about
her past at all. Don Key from U.P.S, gave her a box,
some fifteen years ago from Germany. "was from some kraut,"
he joked, (jackassedly). Her garden's path was where she walks

some nights by moonlight, and hums an old refrain half-forgotten.
I've heard she brought a vessel out and set it on the lawn,
along with a jug of schnapps. "meine geliebte, das verboten!"
she's been heard to cry out, then she'd sing and sob till dawn.

On last night's news, I heard that she'd been stabbed to death. It seems
while riding on the subway home, two drunken gangster goons
moved to harangue the pretty teen who sat beside.
One pushed close and said, "Hey little mama, bet it's been moons

since you seen a cock this big." He grabbed his crotch and grinned.
The girl put her head down. "What's a matter pretty bitch, you shy?"
He touched her hair, and said to the other, "you ain't never sinned
so sweet, 'til you had young pussy so hot. He rubbed her thigh.

"If you want to keep your balls, you'll leave this girl alone."
Miss Pitt coldly said, startling everyone around. The banger turned
to see a white haired lady stare with eyes as cool as stone.
"You? you wrinkled prune gonna take my nuts? I'd a thought you'da learned,

you boss No One!" The hoodlum jerked off her flowered hat and said,
"Hey Manny, this one needs somethin' to think about. you gotcher blade?
"Hell yeah bro." Manny said, and put a hunter's knife to her head.
Now who's gonna do the cuttin', old hag? the dirtbag asked. The old maid

didn't flinch, but said to the girl, "Whatever else, find a real man."
Two shots cracked out, and the banger grabbed his groin. "I'm shot!"
he screamed. His bloody hands set the car to panic. With a deadpan
face, Miss Pitt turned to Manny and asked, "Und du Kapitan Scheissehaut?"

Moments passed, and Manny's eyes grew wide.When when she didn't shoot,
but said, "Ich komme zu dir, meine Liebe", Manny lunged and stabbed her heart.
They said she smiled, and said to Manny, "Danke Arschloch." Without dispute
the witnesses agreed they saw no gat, and later once the cops took apart

the scene, turns out her purse had a secret pouch that held a gun.
A Walther thirty two had made two holes where balls had been.
Her will required, she be buried in Berlin, with the urn of her son.
next to a certain grave; her epitath simply to read "Amen."

I wondered if the banger boys would ever have a clue
to understand that character and conscience, meant more than turds
It's a language of it's own, sadly spoken by way too few.
I knew there was great depth to her travail, beneath her German words.