Midstream Change

You wake each morning and behold your brain,
and like the day before, no coups or quests.
A world unseen, that occupies terrain
which might be yours, contains and manifests
essential and infinitely more true
potentialities for Vital Being.
As you are now, you'll not bolt life's cruel zoo,
as freedom only comes through novel seeing.

Your "BIOS" script, which sets just how you see
and value life, needs upgrades to it's code.
Unless correctly gauged, no thing can be
judged genuine, fit only for commode.
This strikes you strange, but soon discover that
your mates say you, 'bring nothing to the feast'.
The world outside, and in your mind, is flat,
with wheels on Wonder's car too long ungreased.

You've little gratitude, while the engine
of your growth and learning, now runs on fumes.
Unless you want a wallop on the chin,
best change your ways before the death flower blooms!
"Rise alive" is the mantra I would sing
while yet on Earth. Awake the sleeping King!