Can you conceive an off-world space or zone
where more goes on than men could ever know?
This place, some might suppose, is where God's throne
resides, and where He rules His earth terrain.
As mondo trillion stars through night skies glow,
you'd have to multiply for months to gain

a slight idea of the magnitude
from which Almighty's reach might have effects.
A better plan would be to not conclude
you understand a thing of mystic fact,
but rather concentrate on your defects,
and seek to rid your soul it's cataract.

If you assign the source of 'Kingdom Come',
to anywhere except your inmost soul,
you risk a headstone in the zombie slum,
and paradise of any flavor, gone.
To ferret out Life's true laws is the goal
your every spark of force must focus on.

Do not confuse religion with the quest
to free and see the spirit that you are.
We are 'infinity', made manifest,
alive to self-discover hard truth's light,
which shapes our vessels prow, so that the star
we'd voyage to, is never out of sight.