The Color of Many Coats

The Color of Many Coats

Scortchingly beautiful, imagination's perfect lass
exudes a sweetness that all five senses inhale as one.
Anyone could follow such a vision. The deep cravasse
between that place, and where our feet touch Earth,

keeps us incomplete. The native bliss and glory of
our anti-granite Soul, exists to mix with flesh and bone,
but not until real moves be made to gather up and shove
dead habits, lies and masks aside. This is the real atone-

ment some religions's call, "get right with God, and re-assume
the pose". Underneath this tacky mess, lies Life's true estate,
amidst which, lovers of the little self are due for a doom
most memorial, but less than their shock once they behold their fate.

Believing, has no business where worthier minds are at work
shushing howls and shadows that loom to make the bumpkins run.
The 'faithful' of the modern church, are monkey herds who shirk
the mission to extract the truths from bull dung thats been spun

by witchmen down the eons, selling tripe that isn't true.
Likened to an island in the middle of a lake,
that's bounded by the land around, all men must get a clue,
they're on a scale that's vertical, to which they're not awake.

Imagination plays across the inner 3D screen,
to show a sense of what can be. Two points of view, ie.
the one who watches and that which he sees, lies in between
a third point of view. From here, a higher side of Self can see

relationships and worth. This occurs with everyone, but not
the same. A vast degree of competence at this, divides
all souls. Some bomb the churches and shoot up schools. Some plot
the genome, looking for real cures which heal. Such different sides

suggests a Consciousness were it so inclined, could occupy
a point above between the two, so It would always know
a northern star. To steer to where you're set to magnify
these opposites, takes an earnest lifetime of go-go-go!