Many and None

There is a science, that serves, the one who seeks,
within. Though similar, life's outer laws
are not the same. To climb up inner peaks
is done quite differently. The primal cause

of misery stems from believing pap.
We think that we are one, but at the least,
two modes of view exist. We're in a trap,
caught fast asleep. Our hopes, become the feast

for Duality's beast. Conflicting yanks
at one's attention span, by grabbing hordes
of would be 'I's', describes the waiting ranks
of noisy endless wants, that move us towards

our lake of fire. This 3D world contains
many other folks, as do, the realms of mind.
We are not one, but many. Until gains
in knowledge of true Self are made, no kind

of change can remedy our hardship fate.
We stay the same, no matter what we say
or do. Titanic's chairs, moved in any way,
still go down and leave us stuck in stalemate.

Perspective shifts make possible, new views
to contemplate. New ways to see 2 + 2,
rescript the menu, listing how to choose
what's indispensibly best for lil' ol' you!