I Beauty and truth bring goodness to all Souls.
Keats did not lie. Worthiness comes of these,
without which, one can never meet the goals
of nature's inborn Grace. With expertise

and focused Will, all seekers must explore
their inner ranges, for the laws and keys
which crack the codes, that bolt the holy door,
behind which, lies all cures for our disease.

God is a metaphor expressing that
which no one knows, but feels that they're a part.
No attributes of the aristocrat
can ravage, nor contaminate the heart,

in which, a true Divinity resides.
A wrong conception of our true estate
of Being, is why we're tossed upon the tides,
and savaged by a reckless, raccous fate.

Until a challenge can be raised to raze
the wreckage that wrong thoughts have left behind,
full liberation from the hypno maze,
will not occur, to glorify the mind.