Make Move

The sooner you put foot to floor,
and quit your chewing on that hooey pie,
the sooner you will see, this is a war
to save your Spirit's ass. A sideline guy

you've been, and very little else. Just look
at people who have strained to make a go
of what little they have. Or, those who brook
no obstacle to their goals, even though

they live with horrid health or missing parts.
Lazy, conceited gluttons, robbers and cheats
exist in everyone. The lowlife arts
are instrumantal in many defeats

of soul-bound quests, made by those
with much to lose. Litter-brain and gutter buffs
need to beat feet doubletime to oppose
the forces bent on slapping them in cuffs.

Its guarenteed, a truthless, toothless stooge
will serve where idiots and morons schmooze!
The need for verve and clarity is huge;
action and effort comes, or else we lose.