Magoo's Revenge

When I was young, just one Popeye cartoon
appeared per day on my grandma's TV,
(then hated news!) Even Alice the Goon
could not change that. Sexy as Olive might be,

(though I thought not) her charms could not prevail
to bring us more of Fantasy's allure.
And Bluto like, the grown-ups said these tales
were just like Whimpy's pay day; more manure.

Compare these days; a thousand hours per week
of programmed pap, competes to jack inside
the youngest minds. Disney's 3D boutique
of cream-paint dreams and CNN collide,

and many jillion kids ( plus moms and dads )
are poised to shield, until their dying breath,
Snow White's long list of friends. So even scads
of spinach wont stall Putin's toons of death.