An organized psychology is roughly similar
to the state of your outside life. If one behaves the law,
so one avoids a life of jail. The inner rules are
just as consequential, if not much more. There is no flaw

so shaped, it fits within a truth-based conscious brain.
Perfection is real and exists right now. No one traffics
in it as it's unposessable. No one dons its mantle's reign,
to lord over losers. Our feeble logic owns no tricks

that can touch perfection. It contains us, but doesn't lend
itself when negativity and violence are underway.
Most people act as if their precious sense of 'me', were friend
with talents equal to the most esteemed chef and gourmet,

artiste or physicist. Outrageous ignoramuses all,
and locked in an illusion of oneness and probity.
Aristarchus proposed the sun was just a star, and small
twinkles in the night were stars way far away. Pity,

that twenty centuries it took the Church to cede, and still
the multitudes exude malarky. As we are, the odds are grim,
that most will ever know a shred of truly Conscious Will.
As we can be, a cauldron full of happy juice filled to the brim,

couldn't match the kinds of joy a conscious Soul can know.
One's life on Earth, passes through a filter of sorts.
A gradation occurs over time, which defines where each will go
based on his vice and virtue karmic strides reports!

Goody Two Shoes is not the point. Virtue creates a product
of value in markets, not our own, and vice I suspect, does
the same. Like sheep, we're steered by prods that deconstruct
all notions of cliff dancing ledge to ledge in a world that was

above all hungry jaws. The state of purest mind is real,
but won't abide the ego-beast having any kind of say.
'He doesn't know, and doesn't know, he doesn't know'. His deal
is filching from your force, and keeping you out of the way.

which sad for us, as he's quite good. Most people cannot stop
their thoughts for seven seconds full, much less listen and think
in greater than grade school terms. God is not a bellhop
and we are not elite. A fortune in metals and mink

is paltry past measure, when judged against a conscious tie
to fields of Being, deeper than our own. This is because
our 'spark of Life' is Divine, and goes with us when we die.
While here it tried to learn, and tried to teach us certain laws.