A Longer Look

I learned more stars exist, than all the grains
of sand on earth. Our space-based telescope
shows countless galaxies. The smartest brains
of men cannot decode the boundless sprawl
of cosmic entities. Many's the pope
who voiced, 'the stars spin round our own earth-ball'.

Would Jesus Christ, their king, have come to save
the souls of lesser men? So heads grew thick
with pride and self-import. When one pope gave
poor Galileo's glass the evil eye,
we lost a hundred years. If Hubbel's trick
were shown him now, his brain would pop and fry!

Until the men who walk this planet's streets
begin to value more their inner state,
and slow their lust for 'gimme' and receipts,
they'll not attain a rise in heart and mind.
Our very lives are seeds which change our fate
for future lives, uplifting all mankind.