Lil Ol Me

One's sense of 'Me', seen from the side, is fearful, insecure
and lies with regularity. It's fueled on vanity and pride,
and given to greed and laziness. It's offendable, and for sure
despises being told those things that paint it as in stride,

with anything that's dubious and low degree. It bullies 'I',
to make assertions lacking truth, then bristles when small minds
dispute and scorn its claims. 'Me' plays the victim, keenly sly,
not missing many chances to strategically, draw the blinds,

or shine the light. 'Me' whimpers so pathetically when sad,
one will forget, IT caused its grief, and will do so again.
It is the source for, negativity and woe. Neither good nor bad,
reflects its loyalties. It serves its own design for gain,

based on an unenlightened and machine-like depthless lust
for ever and always, more. No heed for Truth or principle,
'Me' ducks, denies, plays tricks, tells lies, and claims unjust
and rigged of every thing that doesn't go its way. The cul-

de sac it occupies does not allow for change, or new
types of self-awareness. This crass, deceptive, pirate brain
exists beneath the zombie trance we all believe as true
and real. Until each man shakes Self awake, there will be useless pain.