One can flip a lightswitch and think the matter has been solved.
Some, like Elon Musk, can flip in many rooms at once.
Picture this as a cone. Small end has the single flipper dunce,
while Elon represents the widened end. This paradigm's evolved

into a winding wired gyre. ( a three dimensioned coil ).
Some things start big and wind up small. Some other things start small,
and end up a balloon. Intersecting gyres comprise the roil,
clatter and flow of worldly happenings, and sights that crawl

beneath the nose. This metaphor is useful to portray
the endless random ruckus of Life, in a meaningful way.
As it happens, this model serves well to illustrate
the inner scale of conscious interaction with the Great

Divine. The next rung up or down, is coupled by a ramp.
Below the nose creation spreads, above not one damn thing.
But we can know that something waits. Like turning on a lamp
that throws its light on shadows deep within, one glimpse will bring

a certainty, that something else exists beyond our ken,
of which we are a part. This fact alone, makes vital sense
to smash the apparatus we allow, time and again ,
to snooker us to sleep. Sadly, the postures and pretense

Persona snows the world with, we fall entranced, as well.
So when some one comes along and mocks our flowered hat,
quick as a squid, we're off to torch the wretched infidel.
To rise from this unholy state is rare, and hard at that.

A whirlpool that sucks the sweetness from the scented bloom;
ego centric self-romance, is never satisfied,
ever searching for what can't exist. Persona's doom
is that it has no root in what is real, and so it's pride

collides with hard-fist Truth, that is, unless You are asleep
and dreaming how, so hip and cool you are. Unless we slam the brakes,
and fully fund our total soul, in banishing this creep,
we'll live weak lives in wrong belief, while he just fakes and takes.