Let in Some Light

Religions that insist we pack and lug our prayers around,
and spend long days at church, where hooey's preached to pass the plate,
and not to help one roll the stone away. Though some expound
a tale about a good man killed by lies, by fears and hate,

he sought to treat and hoped to cure, they're clueless still and miss
the fact their bible holds a second, deeper set of rules.
Sons of God include us all, and sins are with us still, but this,
conveniently has been ignored. The sparkles seen are not the jewels,

nor priest-blessed alters, are home for Spirit. Atheists object
to worshipping and praising things their brains cannot define.
No middle ground exists between believers of a sect,
and those who favor logic, saying nothing is Divine.

Neither point of view includes the quarks that permeate
the galaxies. They're really there, and we don't understand
half a lick what makes them tick. By current estimate,
the billion trillion stars exist to mock and reprimand

those flaming ignoramuses so arrogant to claim
they know a thing about the origin of living things,
let alone the reason why we're here. All men are lame
and deaf and blind, but only they who know this gain their wings

to rise beyond the cess-pits of their vanities and pride.
This division indicates a higher plane exists,
and those below have much to learn before they're qualified
to fathom and to penetrate their deep cerebral mists.