Legs of Water

Didactic anything has lost its draw
for those obsessed with imagery and pith.
Morality is hated 'parent's' law
since ancient times, poor teens have suffered with.

These minds, (and some much older, too), just want
to be amused, and God forbid, not pressed
to listen, mull and think. Old ghosts still haunt
and taunt them to "Get up for school, get dressed!"

and sadly, sit in classes forced to hear
long lectures. Study hard, then take a test.
So inhumane! They'll not read books, for fear
their injured minds will just get more depressed!

" Dont tell me. please!, And don't give me advice.
Just let me burn my hand on Mom's hot stove.
A Matterhorn of truth can burn up twice
before I'll read your guide to treasure's trove.

Just leave me my cartoons and poppycock
of puns, lipsynch and ambigui-tease, "
I sadly mock. No wings, no stars, just schlock.
No thought divine, and yes, no day to seize.