Kill the Kamakaze

The world outside our eyes and ears is 3D, and subject to sense.
The world contained within the cranium is not sense based,
but has it's own psychical means by which to touch and taste
the ceaseless flow impressions bring. Two different modes, both dense

with nuance and far-flung profundities, are ever-present
for Consciousness to ponder. It's sad most folks don't use the means
with which they're born, to evoke and promote intelligent
excursions into unknown regions of Being. Instead, machines

with names like Mary and Mike, carry on just like they we're awake
to the miracle of what they are. The Jerry Springer show
has audience and guests that illustrate folks are just flakes,
despite their notions that they're so awake, they almost glow!

A low point on the cosmic, karmic scale; the folks that waste
their lean supply of natural Grace, will gather moss.
The concept, 'The quick and the dead', should be a plaque. When placed
where decisions are made, a body stands a chance to cross

where shit is not enshrined as holy grail. The change occurs
within the mind, such that, one learns how not to run afoul
the things that tear him up. You'd think that only amateurs
and fools would fall for stupid things, but then you throw the towel,

and wonder how you ended backwards on your ass again!
There must something we don't know, that queers most of our aims,
and that might be our fool belief we have the perfect brain.
The vices we deny are enemies that shoot us down in flames.

Remembering that nothing valuable is free, and that we owe
a ransom for ingrained attitudes and lousy math,
it's a two front war we fight. If ever, we're to know
our seamless oneness with absolute Perfection, the Path

and it's priorities, must supplant Persona's regime
of wasted force, sordid lies and grandiosity.
An empowered and inventive new guerilla team,
lays out the means we'll use to dictate how it's going to be.