Like christmas lights, whose bulbs show colors bright,
humanity is wired, from first thru last
with Spirit's joltage fueling every light.
Most folks are anchoreed to the past
believing that they're one among a horde.
Instead of savoring enjoinedness,
real and so right, we still invent a Lord!
The task is ours, of cleaning up the mess,
we've made in sleep collisions with all things.
Anemic energiy, is what we bring,
along with attitudes that zap and zing
those who coach our quest of gaining wings.

There is a force that moves both mind and heart,
as well as, flesh. They seem as not the same,
but are from common source. These three, in part,
along with soul, are energies that aim
to gain in brilliance from the mystic spark
that's wholly hidden in our mental dark.
We think, we feel, we act. We hope to rise
above the murk that clogs our ears and eyes.
The density of truth distills to this,
The depths a man would know, foretells his bliss.