Joy Ride

Wouldn't it be cool to joyride drive
a wakened mind, with true essential punch?
With energies like bees that buzz their hive,
one's thoughts bulldoze the foe, then eat his lunch!
Effortless attention is everyday.
The library of what to do and when,
shows angles and arrows, that point the way
to better and the best. A sense of play
wings parallel to dealings, with all men.
A mind like this will sidestep every fray.
A numeral times table memorized,
is like life's matrix, mapped out on demand.
This vibrant mental state is the most prized
as constancy and focus, don't crashland.

Events of this world have vertical views,
not just the raw and blatant straight-line tell.
The reason why we can't, at will, peruse
these views, is they exist outside the shell
which walls us walnuts in. We must break out,
if we're to know a quark what Life's about
Higher views are many, and some are prize.
One pases through a pristine mental gate,
to leave behind, the wars which make us wise.
Like speaking many tongues, new talents wait
to fathom and explore the new terrains.
" Instead of girding up to face the storm,
its better to learn to dance with the rains. "
(I sure wish I said that!) So soft and warm!

Upward roads are the key that then unlocks
the tools we need to crack this paradox
we're baffled by. A man upon a tower
beholds far more than one down on the flats.
Within the mind, are regions where horsepower
to think, can raze bad habit's habitats.
Stuck in yuck, describes our predicament.
Old ways that are mechanical create
a rut that leads to stalls and stalemate,
then later on, stone permanent lament.
A pure unbroken virgin to the taste
of doom, still waits upon the Prince's kiss.
An elemental festival of bliss
surrounds the woken Soul. All else is waste.