Crossing the Crevasse

Crossing the Crevasse

New ways to draw fresh meaning, from the ancient truths that rule
what humans do, is what and why and how, we use our energies
to elevate our inner eyes. Sadly, there is no school
that teaches how to prick yourself awake. A million clergies

couldn't get one to that place. The only one that can,
is deaf and blind to where Divinity occurs, and in no rush
to grow a Mind. For many days until we end our mortal span,
awakening to Grace is breath to breath. Those folks who yearn for plush

and sparkie, fall back and lose their way. Those who exploit and lean
on good and loving souls, who try and help, are wretched and vile.
and doomed to die a damned and dirty death. Chasms deep between
the way we are, and the ways we're meant to be, hold the bone pile

of the many who spent no time considering their unworthiness.
Top heavy with self-lavished accolades, they thought
themselves too fine to be denied. Work on Self alone, can bless
one's aims and plans, as prayers and wishes won't get squat.

You're not the one you think you are. That one whom you are not,
is sleeping inside your head. That one you think you are, has work
to do, but that one can't, because his wealth of will-based thought
is very lean. He won't admit he has low force. The jerk

just carries on as others do, so careful not to see
the flaws in other folks, unless the bastard throws a dart,
and then infernal hell breaks loose! We are not free,
but tethered to a bileous bag of bunk, that taints both head and heart.

As we deny, tell lies and justify to keep our record pure,
we co-sign turds, to keep self's perfect picture right.
The one who is asleep can do amazing things, but sure
as hell he won't, without your shouldering His cross of Light.