Time to Climb

Picture midnight, your lying on a grassy bluff.
The crescent moon looms low, it's glowing curve just dim enough,
that sparkling stars dispersed amidst the black of outer space,
enact a shiver deep in Mind. This telegram from Grace,

should snap the Soul alert. Something vast and bottonless wields
enormous inner sway, but Ego's barricade blind-shields
our intellect and heart. Confined to a mud and manure sty,
we die the darkest death, while yearning for pure blue of sky.

Real wisdom, joy, serenity and love were meant for all
to lave in, like snow monkeys do in warm volcanic pools.
No point to life if all you do, is bang about and brawl
for who would be the mountain's king, with imbeciles and fools.

The mind's a kingdom full of light, with vast inventive space
to think and master many means to rear a conscious heart.
Though housed within a head of hair, it truely is a place,
where clarity conveys a breathless breadth, thats off the chart!