For those with half a brain it should be clear,
a loving God, entwined through humankind,
does Not play chess. Though fraught with pain and fear,
this world is shaped and steered by laws. The smart
folks use these to expand and guide their mind,
which works, in turn to liberate the heart.

Ten million species and four billion years
wern't merely tricks, to make us monkeys gape.
This life has mystic veils and queer veneers
that mask a truer essence to relate.
Just think of it, your body is an ape
and though you're king, you cannot abdicate,

except through death. So ask, what are the odds
you'd take this form upon this earth. Just who
and what ARE you? That answer's with the gods.
Two hundred trillion stars, each one more strange,
should break the grip religion has on you,
unless your head and ass both inter-change.