Get off your Ass

Get off your inner ass and shake a leg!
A final day for you awaits, as sure
as poor men wish they didn't have to beg.
The 'unexamined life' is not worth beans.
For this, surpassing consciousness is cure,
and must be gained, no matter what that means.

Don't think you know enough to meet this need?
Our grasp of this is just above manure.
And from this karmic curse, you can't secede,
in fact, you're on the hook until you make
the stomping beast within, tranquil and pure,
so that the angel part of you may wake.

Wrong-mindedness occurs so deep, a crane
could fail to lift the mud hog from the mire.
A torch of honesty, must cleanse the brain
its lies, half-truths, ommissions and deceits.
These tangle up a soul, who would aspire
to brightened eyes, where earth with heaven meets.