In Out In

We need a word for psychic truth that paralells 3D's.
Inside the head, things like hate and jealously are real,
and so can be addressed, if one were angled such to see
these evil goings on. They're kept in place by Ego's heel,

which might be axed by following a certain set of rules.
Escaping Egypt is symbolic for severance from
Persona's nasty grip. The truths that liberate are jewels,
that serve a two fold goal. The work required suppresses bums

and keeps them on their plane. They also guide an earnest soul
to elevate and learn Real Truths above his grade of pay.
Like Moses, we can only look out yonder and survey,
that promised land of milk and honey which waits within as Goal.

Unknown to most, the real world is not the wild west,
where Kim Jun Un and Trump reign from their idiocracies.
Beneath the outer chaos, an inner place of wonder and zest,
runs paralell, noise free, on higher cosmic frequencies,

from which we're light years out of step. Our lineal past
contains our kin, since time began. Someday we'll be a part
of someone elses family tree. A continuum so vast
coccoons all moments of a life. Somehow, somewhere your heart

and head will be fed Light, and you will see that underneath
your normal dufus thinking, the real world rolls on within You.
A guy should get a jump on pounding down the walls. One's death
will snuff the chance to change, before the next trip through

the beast filled caves of earth. Consciousness alone, at any price,
any time, anywhere, is worth the work it takes to gain.
A wider, deeper looksee serves to sharpen sentience precise
enough, to show a seeker's next best target to attain.