Hidden in Light

The KJ Bible says, "God's Kingdom lies
within a man," and not in stacks of stone.
What makes you think that this is a disguise
and why deny this sacred vaunted throne?
Vague and mysterious, His spirit moves
the very You you are, though you're not He.
Your ever beating heart and breathing proves
that something, not you, allows your ass to Be.

The churches, with their sacraments and rules
connive to profit by this world of pain.
By intermixing charlatans with fools
they get a flock whose forelobes are inane.

The search for Spirit's light divine makes wise
the eyes, no matter what your bonehead buys.

Above the worth of wealth, or clout of power,
or Beauty's spell serene in form and face,
the quality of our Knowing is our
lasting hope for passage unto Grace