Heresy for Intellectuals

The Bible can be read on at least two planes.
For most, the literal works out just fine.
It calms the jitters that their unread brains
endure when considering the divine.
It's not a magic book, just words that guide
some to a better life. It tells a set
of stories each with wisdom, cut and dried.
But there's another way to throw this net.

The pattern man, Hey-zeus, stands for us all.
His feats and exploits show the higher state
of being that waits for those who hear that call,
which conveys a deeper sense of inner fate.
Those 'crippled, halt, and lame' are real enough,
, just look around. But psychologically,
these are sleep states, contrived of brain-made stuff
wired up all wrong, that keeps us gimp and sickly.

Weak and choiceless, many see their hours
of life play out, the ever pounded nail.
Their primal force is void of certain powers,
which carries out their works of will. They fail
to seek the liberating point of view.
No man gets it for free. You cannot feas
t unless you cook! You get what you are due,
and Constancy's the spice that cooks this beast!