Like a stencil, our rigid habits treat
all inbound with the same pretentious hand.
Certain ones are fatal, but most just eat
and cheat our energies. Their moves are canned,

like puppet shows, They're void of means to steer.
so it's imperative to disattach!
Though difficult, unfun, and half-severe,
one's work on Self, bolts down the booby hatch.

Man's fictions and delusions, plague his quest
to separate the quicker, slick savant
from that tedious, warp-eyed, do nothing pest,
whose passions are to preen, parade and flaunt.

Unshakable 'pre-givens' don't exist.
A conscious mind embodies "all things new".
Ancient habits, long forgotten, persist
to help Persona twist life's truths askew.

Cruel snag points lay unseen to ambush feet
of those who'd climb the treacherous and steep
up-roads to clarity, and Mind Elite.
Old habits serve to keep the Soul asleep.

Repent, the word, means 'turning of the mind',
and not to put one's faith in untrue things,
but turn from attitudes and moods that blind
your holy ghost. (The owner of your wings! )

Knowledge is love. The wider, wiser eye
beholds a vast array of elements
that interweave beyond belief, thereby
deepening and brightening events.

To love, denotes a conscious will deployed
to unify discordant points of view,
and triumphs when the robot brain's destroyed,
and nature's honey, pours all over You!