A marble spun within a metal cone, when dipped in ink,
would leave a spiral trail. Each ring would be above the one
below, as well, below the one above. Two frames from which to think
about perspective and scale. A father knows far more than his son.

An airplane sees a vista, that a plodder never will.
Levels contain inverse equations that change the math
such that, a cause can see effect, but not reverse. The skill
to see Life 'from the side', makes possible finding the path

most folks are unaware exists, that was meant to be trod
by every soul, by design. The next rung up the scale from Earth,
adamently wants all men awake, to know that they are God,
and not some pompous putz who boasts exaggerated worth.

Outrageously wrong, are people's private estimates of what
is right and good about the state of themselves. Esteem
for what is basically a mask, pumps up and shields a glut
of unexamined lies, they foist upon the world, and deem

an enemy of everyone who disagrees. This makes
for enmity and violence, as well as war and genocide.
This deplorable mistake, gives life to legions of snakes
who skulk where decent beings seek to decimate false pride.

I believe that men were meant for more than elevated apes.
A different kind of spark fires, and pilots our path to higher Light,
but not without a turning of the mind to recognize new shapes
that serve to channel where impressions are sent. The heights

that right reception of incoming thoughts can bring, are rich
with other points of view that bear on the issue at hand.
Without the work to keep a centered watch, Persona's evil witch
scatters tacks to stall the Soul's bold quest for Self-command.