A Good Question*

When one man kills his neighbor, it's a crime
that we call murder one. If seven men
gang up and kill a man, they'll all do time.
And if a mob of fifty, lynch one guy,
they too are rotten murderers. But when
ten thousand go and make a thousand die,

they come back home to waving flags and cheers.
A noble act, the empire calls this gush of blood.
What line would mark where justice disappears?
A single man can't pillage, rape and rob,
but many can, and somehow, its called good
and laudable. This shameful hellish mob

makes up a nation's best. The worst stay home,
enforcing all the laws their councils write,
and outfitting their gunslingers that roam.
Why is it one or ten can't break a law,
but multitudes with badges, sent to fight
can savage other lands with fang and claw?

* thanks to Adin Ballou for inspiration