Gold Standard

There is a real, true meaning to life,
that needs ones firm attention to behold.
Most live out lives, in blind internal strife,
and play their games with ghosts, while they get old.

Integrity achieved, is a pearl prize
profound beyond what words have power to tell.
No other goal has means to soar the skies
nor paths that plot, a true escape from Hell.

Logical thoughts,which parse one's sensed events,
will not accomplish parlance with Higher Mind.
New thinking based on scale. then re--presents
a fresh way to define another kind

of valuation. A school that clarifies,
worthless dross from gold would sure be nice,
but sadly, one alone must break the lies
and habits hold, to help uncinch the vise

that keeps outworn ideas so entrenched.
Complete retuning of what's wholly You,
is requisite, if victory be clenched.
Restored to that which we were destined to

evolve, a whole new index of prospects,
appear to eyes awoken and astute.
Hyper-conscious energy projects,
and sees new worth in things, we used to boot.