There You Go Again

Serenity, courage and wisdom are
sought by those who know they've dropped the ball.
Despite extreme travails, their lucky star,
has shown two sides of self, split by a wall.

Without intoxicants, close study shows
a plurality of points of view exist,
and each portrays itself the holy pose
of a sole and singular I'. One should be pissed

that this rude horde has been allowed to lay
a seige against the weak attention span,
and snuff one's chance to change. Until death-day,
and then beyond, one's karmic caravan

will lack in certain lux-stuff, spark and spice.
From city lights the stars are very faint.
as Ego's blare and glare blocks paradise
while posing as the always righteous saint.

But saint, it ain't, it almost ate your lunch!
No better time exists, than now, to grunt
yourself in shape to throw a knockout punch,
and snuff the rascal. All souls will confront

this overthrow, if they're ever going to rise.
The task is monumental; transforming You!
Bring your 'A' game. From now until demise,
a brighter mind and Being, you will pursue.

Innocence and wonder, go hand in hand,
Beauty, esteem and truth, like body, heart,
and mind, are One. We come to understand,
the 3D world without, exists apart

from Conscious Mind, the universe within.
It's scale, that baffles us. but think of mol-
lecules and bugs. We're connected and kin.
inside and out, with the Infinite All.