Glitter Kills

Real work awaits the one who wants to gain
true ways to raise a mondo conscious mind.
The love of glitz imbalances the brain
to miss rare things, some folks would kill to find.

If someone doesn't see the need to change,
that blindness, halts all growth to raptures that
supercharge head and heart. It may seem strange
to one who's been long drunk on wines of scat,

that enlightenment comes not from tantrum,
bully bat or lawyerly twist and spin.
The paths up which both apes and angels come,
both start and end in places found within.

With sludge and brambles gone, a paradise
of deeper light and inner vision buys
one tools to fix priorities in place,
and liberate inate and native Grace.

Both in this life and likely next, Truth rules.
It's evil not to spur oneself to know
both root and flower. as well as how to grow
the trees which bear the fruit. worth more than jewels.

This poetry numbs and bums the patience gland
of those without an appetite for light.
Fast cars, hot sex, cheap booze and buck$$, command
these folks to go to sleep and say good night.