Physics of a Funnel

New methods to re-reckon and resolve
one's past reactions, to the come and go
of daily strife, propel one to evolve.
When ' Lo, at last! ', one's 'soulwork' runs the show,

the old, acquired Persona's false regime,
becomes the grist from which to recreate
new guides in thought, that steer the eyes upstream.
A frontal view, puts that 'same old story' straight,

and grants a deep perspective for perusal.
Facing up stream, and not on what flows past,
new views of things, once likely to bamboozle,
now fuel a habit-fiend iconoclast.

Its smashing sledge seeks out the hidden rats
that fake normality. These traitors bluff,
deceive, and fill our heads with flapping bats.
We fall facedown, in fiction's stupid stuff.

Whole lives are lived on fumes, and never sip
True Mind's transformative liqueurs. One glitch,
in making ones escape, can cause a slip
that devastates ones whole shebang, the bitch

of which, recovery can be as bad
or worse than when one fell. Until
a discipline that vets each truth. is ironclad
and takes control, the path is all uphill.

A turning of the mind, is what is sought.
New skills and tools can make a peachy perch,
from which, to watch the daily battles fought.
Within oneself, a realistic church

of reverence and balance, can be set.
It's altar, is where Quiet reigns as queen,
and Consciousness as King. No fuss, nor fret,
can infiltrate, to make one unserene.