Front and Center

Beliefs are an anathema to science, thought, and math.
Some place their bets on myth and fantasy, tripping the trap
a hundred billion galaxies, mean squat. There is a real true path
up which new clarities make obvious, what's cream, what's crap.

Sadly most of us are lazy, choosing to stay asleep.
Habits of mind are hard to break, but surely can be done
by those who know there must be more to Life, than husks to reap.
Meaning times infinity, awaits the Woken One,

and nothing short of miracle, uplifts our psychic sag,
and nothing less than "hallelujah!" fills and thrills the Soul.
Every Being's unique, so each one takes a different bag
of tricks to wake, and ring it's bell. Conscious Self control,

results, when gains are made in breaking Ego's grip on how
we hope to live. The endeavor to liberate
and glorify the spaceless spark, that moves about our here and now,
begins by stepping up to Know, you own your life and fate,

and no one else on Earth can work your strings. The old machine
that eats it's young, is so entrenched, it won't go without a fight.
Complacency becomes indifference becomes decay. Between
a weak attention span, and costly toxic appetites,

a lazy streak at least a mile long, keeps ass attached to chair.
Low quality is never in demand, and irrelevance is like dung.
One cannot say there is no hope, or way, to rise above despair,
There is, It's just not wanted bad enough, like water on the tongue

when dusty sand and lack of rain parch the dry terrain.
One must bring all one has, especially the secret things,
or else no change will come. "Atten-hutt!" is issued by the brain,
and self-remembering takes place. The fleeting moment brings

a towering stillness to the mind, and then a slow descent
until the horrors of normality, resume their noise.
Later on, this lull will last a longer time, and be more frequent,
until, at end, it lasts all day and night. The holy joys

one feels, when certain that the Conscious Kingdom's in his sights,
justifies in spades, the often arduous climb from swamps and slums.
Pick your perfect path beyond the nauseous smog, where heights
bring clarity and tastes of Grace. Higher hanging pears and plums

are come in view, and might be possible to relish and reap.
A ripening allsidedness, is brought about by slow
and thorough understanding of what it means to sleep.
and what it means to wake within, and know you know you know!