Her husband was a genius of his age
but couldn't sell an ocean to a duck.
His 'motor-wagon' managed to engage
a few, who saw it as a rich man's toy.
For most, it made their carriage horses buck,
and held tarnation's power to annoy.

The Kaiser was a horseman born and bred,
and called the 'auto' wrong. The Church hissed, 'bad!'
and claimed it Satan's work. But Bertha's head
for business saw her husband's car a boon.
She drove it sixty miles to see her dad
and mom, which might as well have been the moon!

No asphalt roads, no service posts, no stores
or safe retreats, she made this trip alone,
but for two kids. She proved if one ignores
belief in bounds and forms, new vistas spread.
Her feat enflamed the world, and Carl's homegrown
gadget put the 'buggy age' to bed.