Hey Dude, did you just hear the DeeJay guy
say that the carnival is back in town?
I went last year, and man did we get high.
A talking sign which showed this nasty clown
said in a creepy voice ' yes do drop by,
a sideshow promises the weird and odd,
bizarre quirks of humanity to view.
5 dollars gets you cozy with the flawed,
pathetic and misshapen, sad-but-true
creations of an inattentive god.'

Hey Dude, just picture, joined up at the head,
a crippled pair of twins, or better yet
a girl with tits, but giant nads, instead!
The secret inner sanctum sports a set
of pigs that eat a baby goat, and led
out next, a mule, get this, a monkey screws!
Then geeks and mutant monsters on parade!
What say we snag a brown-bag jug of booze
and cruise this badass, gnarley freak's arcade,
and after, we'll get tongue studs and tatoos.