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Fluent Silence 1

The truest voice comes through a conscious mind.
When trance and inattention reach mass-wack,
if nothing's done, the nut-hatch docs get signed
and you go far away to drool in glee.
Its vital you admit and fix your lack
of sight. So much hangs on just how you see.

The realm in which material effects,
are seen and felt, defines the primal plane.
Here ignorance and blind self-will transects
Earth's natural laws. Mechanical and stale,
describes all human drama, whose profane
exchanges clash behind decorum's veil.

Still, most all will call this, the 'normal' way,
though not slow down to know, if it be true.
It happens, there exists, beyond the fray
brought on braying minds, another mode
of inner mastery. Those with this clue,
will find the right, and ever brighter road.