Flaws have Claws

Those never wrong, will find a way to blame
on someone else the crimes their bloody paws
whipped up. Seekers of Light, are taught to name
and own their failed ways, otherwise flaws

cannot be fixed. Personna, the False One,
looks askance when something dear is lost.
It lies, it cries. and works to stun and shun
the better man by perjuring the past.

These tactics out in the community
are bad enough, but loose within the mind
flat guarantees one's quest for unity
will writhe, to feel Ego's canines grind.

I think, 'bright, dull and dead', is a key clue,
in gauging the human state. By any scale,
be it 'left-center-right', 'red-yellow-blue''
less-enough-more', or, other tally's tale,

it holds, that dumb and dim and brilliant can
apply in flesh and soul and spirit's case.
Exertions made in league with Nature's plan,
can touch and permeate the human race.

'We want, and if we can, we'll do", is fight
song for those folks with vigilant intent.
to strive for clarity. This yields mind-light
in which to work, not worship. Those hell-bent

on liberation from the heartless claws
of lazyass Sloth, Habit, and Appetite,
would spare no treasure just to set their jaws
upon the jugular, (and take a big bite!)

of the Pretender. When new gains are made
in self-renewal, a different set of goals
appear. These new spheres promise an upgrade
in elevation and width, so that the soul's

resources are accessable to those
inners states of self that root for Light.
As most are, the tendency to doze
disrupts what work a striver thinks he might

achieve. Mind sleep is number one, by far,
the worst impediment to shape amd start
a hunt for pathways up. It's so bizarre,
that most prefer chasing Grace by flipchart.

Life has implications that no fixed view
will ever know. Religon's sleep machine
calls deadbrain dolts to fill their private zoo.
Would be seekers must find a way to wean

off nectars which unscrupulous Ego
provides to keep its power base secure.
Untaught, we make a mess, and then we'll go
and blame the other guy. This will endure

until you teach yourself, that your're asleep,
mechanical, addicted, and likely to
be tangled up in dramas, getting deep.
To keep one's brain from going koo-koo,

a challenge that leads to any kind of rise
in consciousness and temperment, will aid
one's efforts to struggle free from the ties
that get one drafted by the barf brigade.