All men are like the fingers on both hands.
The light that fills their heads has origin
where consciousness evolves, and then expands
on par, with how well men contend with sin.
Mark-missing ways ,turn pastures to badlands,
where wise and joyous beings might have made
their lives a rich and worthy escapade.

Spiritually, many men are comatose.
Their delusion permeates to the core.
Like flypaper, religion's myths engross
those wonderstruck with flying on the floor.
No beaten path with guides to wiser ways,
teaches trekkers exploring mental light.
Fresh new thinking, is paramount and plays
its part in clearing cataracts from sight.

All men are woman born, while women too,
are same way born. So how came this to be?
Barring creation myths, this fact stays true
and dances in the face of mystery.
Adam's rib is boo-boo, dumb as voo-doo
New worlds, wonderous and wild, await
conscious souls who man-up, and seize their fate.