False Equivilancy

First ya gotta share whats wrong, before you can repair what's wrong.
Your ears have got to hear You say it. The guy who lives between
has something way too lovely to lose, but would rather loaf along
without a clue. A man must tell the truth upon himself, to glean

the force it takes to move the soul. A thousand times is not enough,
to visit with the ancient truths, and reconstruct one's core
to magnified effect. Any asset worth it's stuff,
comes with a cost, as well you know. How come you cling to your

freeze dried delusions while deep within, the mothership takes heat.
One way exists to say plain "Yes", for countless ways to jerk around.
You act as if 'authentic' was a dirty word. To cheat
the Truth, in any way assures you'll not get off the ground.

The treats Personna sells to appetites in psychic Needle Park,
are casket nails to any hopes that one might have to rise.
The angel-animals we are, have shades of light and dark,
that touch both mind and heart. Jolts of greed and lust and lies

reduce green meadows and blue skies, to garbage dumps and slums.
If you believe in Ever After, you'd better plan to wield a hoe
and sever weeds that breed the swills, that turn good men to bums.
Inside the head, bad habits halt all men to ever know

they have an inborn Essence that's brought to fore, by spurning
aid from cock-eyed demon-trolls. Where vestiges of Ego's rule
are fingered and iced, they stay dead. New room is made for learning
ways how, one comes to be more conscious and aware (and, cool!).