Exactly So

If you have never thought about the fact
your mind's a jewel with many depths, you've not
fulfilled the first (and least) right-minded act.
The world of streets and cars, Bashar Assad,
and Newtown's kids, comprise the lowest spot
from which the soul, re-finds itself as God.

This raunchy place of sense-based life events,
monopolizes mind, with wall to wall
cat calls, for treasures worth two lousy cents.
From realms unreachable, our scripts were penned.
Two modes of thought exist, for one and all.
Both serve the self, but only one transcends.

I'm betting none will pass from life without
a reckoning. Before I cross death's brink,
a truthful view of what my life's about,
will help me keep ascendent times from those,
expressed in earthly terms, that just plain stink.
By then, I hope to flow how so, the future goes.