Entropy's End

It will collapse. How can it not? That house of cards you call a mind,
was built on Ego's sand. And, when it does, cool dudes and hep-cats,
lolas, divas and wannabees will mourn. Persona's kind
of armor weigh's too much to run and catch the train. As pratts

and rats abound across the world, it should be clear to you
that your persona-self, has no reason to be storing cheese.
" seek and find, study and know, will and do ", is what's true.
The rest is crap that guarentees you'll end up on your knees.

Real glory is an inside job, nothing outside your skin
is kin to this pure, exultant, state of bliss. The unwise,
look for God outside their eyes. Praying to a cross pales thin,
compared to knowing that your inner depths contain a prize,

ncalculably Good. Through many densities, Goodness flows
in ways that oversee and intersect with every living thing.
Most of us are Soul blind, and hot on the hunt for booty and bling,
oblivious that each can be the one who truly fully knows,

the reason why we're here (as well, what must be done). Without
a change, all things remain the same. To learn true change, would seem
significant to people seeking more to know about
organic Grace. The angel state of mind comes not through dream,

contrived self-serving prayer, or any act that unlearned men can make.
The 'ME' that you accept as you, will not admit he doesn't know
the true way real things work. He acts like he does, for sphincter's sake,
because the you, you say you are, can't act and do, or grow

his wimpy Will with fortitude. We mostly fake and bluff, and sow
our rows with make-believe, then trip on them like Trump,
as if you didn't know! Or do you? Scratching ass, will show
you're good for something, but countless ways exist to itch a rump

and if you don't know that, asaptability and wit are not
to help you keep your head from dunking into Life's latreen.
No one goes free. Theist or atheist, all know that Hell is hot,
but not all know its not a place, but rather, it's a state

Of humanhood. When poor choices pile-up and compound,
and one is short on gratitude, and empty of goodwill,
Hell is all around. The path to Consciousnesss is holy ground,
and one true way to gain the wherewithall, gumption and skill

to make a permanent escape from hearing all the morlocks call.
Knowledge is unfathomably deep, and as we are,
it's barely there. This serves as a filter, and a wall.
The riff raff stays, and strugglers return back to their star.