No understanding leads straight to violence
, and negative emotions, fund the deal.
Who prolongs this dead wrong gross offense?
Who owns the blame for this Achilles heel?

That one who owes this due, that same will greet
with chickens coming home. So suicide
of Soul, and injury to all we meet,
substantiates such stupid hen-shit pride?

Our culture tolerates do nothing bums,
thieving scoundrels, and foul beasts drunk on hate.
The goal of Soul, is rising from these slums
to gain a pathway to its True Estate.

To extricate oneself from ties that bind,
is neither cakewalk, nor an easy breeze.
A sober, profound turning of the mind,
that reconstructs one's whole soul by degrees,

remains the only way to bring about
the inner elevations conscious eyes
demand. A shortage of the only clout
that counts, assures rewards remain pint-size.

One's Self evolves, or doesn't, and the chips
will fall, where laws of psychic nature steer.
Left to itself, acquired Persona gyps
our future fate, by lies and insincere

commitments to improve our state of worth.
Our dreams of betterment are doublecrossed,
and while we sleep, tales of a virgin birth
awe us, and mask the coming holocaust.