Echoes in the Darkness

Religious zeal is pale against the scale
of Nature's ecstacy, that bathes the mind
when knowing things Divine exist behind
everyday eyes. Faith in a fairytale,

impairs the logic native to the brain.
Inventive thinking is pre-requisite
for change of Being. A life or death campaign
against the siren's call of Sleep, will pit

one's wits and will, dumb luck and skill, to rise
in rapture, from the dead. When humans see
their lives were meant, for them to finalize
a tailored Soul, they touch eternity.

When humans sense new densities in all
dimensions of their everyday events,
a source of fresh, more potent wherewithal,
fuels an engine now fit to reach extents

previously unknown. Its pay for play to stay
at these intensities, though. Only work
on vices of heart and mind will defray
old darknesses, where Ego's demons lurk.

So powerless we are, but think we are endowed
with Will and musculatity of mind.
We walk around self-satisfied and proud.
Like phoney fruit, only plaster lays behind

this mask of Hercules, all wear to keep
our secret shames and fears from public view.
This mixed with our vices, is toxic goo
that threatens grief, and so we stay asleep.

To behave as you do, expecting change
will never come to pass. The candle spark
of true authentic you, has teensy range,
but can become a megawatt bright arc.